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Hello! We are Gamedevelopersasoc SRL, hereinafter referred to as GameDev Academy. We are a small start-up with headquarters in Tower Center International, Mindspace, Et.1, Blvd Ion Mihalache 15-17, Sector 1, CUI 31850591, J40/7661/2013, not registered as a VAT payer, with bank account RO78INGB0000999906484054 open at ING Office Mihalache. Our website,, presents our offer of courses, events and materials published online. These are dedicated to any person who wants to learn, by participating in our courses and seminars, accessing the professional training programs available on this site.

You can contact us by phone +40756.249.561, by email: or you can visit us at our office in Bucharest, Tower Center International, Mindspace, Et.1, Blvd Ion Mihalache 15-17, Sector 1.


Despite the efforts to publish accurate and concise information on this site, GameDev Academy does not assume responsibility for the correctness of the information.

We reserve the right to change the details of programs, courses and services at any time, without prior notice. We also reserve the right, unilaterally, to change, correct, modify, add and withdraw information published on this site, without prior notice. All information on this site is provided without warranties of any kind, express or implied. GameDev Academy will not be responsible for any indirect, spatial or incidental damages resulting from the use of this site.


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The page was last modified on August 27, 2023.

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