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Cursuri jocuri video - GameDev Academy

GameDev Academy

We are proud of the fact that we are, for 6 years already, the only training center in Romania that  offers professional courses in the field of video game development. More than 500 students have gone through our programs, many of them becoming developers in the gaming industry.

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Cursuri GameDev Academy - Curs jocuri videor


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Our story

The "GameDev Academy" project was launched in 2017 by 4 game developers from the local industry. The main reason was the lack of formal education for those interested in creating a career in this field.

Although in recent years different forms of education relevant to this industry have appeared in Romania too, access to practical and useful information is still difficult. Especially for jobs such as Game Designer, Level Designer, Economy Designer, Unreal/Unity  Programmer, Technical Artist or Game Producer. 

Over the years we have organized hundreds of courses, workshops, discussions with young people and teenagers, intensive programs and debates on what a career in this field means. We have helped dozens of our students to take the first steps in their careers and we can't wait to meet you and together lay the foundation of your career!

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Curs jocuri video
Cursuri GameDev Academy - Curs jocuri video

Our mission

​Our school is more than a training center; it is a launching pad for careers. We bring together dedicated trainers and recognized industry professionals who share their time, knowledge and expertise and are committed to guiding students to reach their potential.

We help students fulfill their dream of becoming (successful) game developers, offering them a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We have partnerships with major game studios and offer our students access to industry events, mentoring programs and employment opportunities.


Our mission is based on five pillars:

QUALITY TRAININGS! Constant creation of professional training programmes with short and medium duration (4 - 12 months), adapted to the needs of each individual student, regardless of whether he is new to the industry or already working in the field. We aim to offer exciting workshops, career counseling, preparation for admission to another educational institution and to help build personal portfolios.

CORPORATE SERVICES! Providing quality training services and the best consultancy services to game development companies, helping them develop their employees' skills and knowledge and, ultimately, improving their businesses.

DEDICATED LECTURERS! Constant recruitment of dedicated staff to offer the best training sessions and assistance to students, teaching and advising with passion and commitment. We aim to bring joy, enthusiasm and a high level of knowledge to those who participate at the courses of our academy.

COMMUNITY! We are building a strong and supportive community of game developers who share our passion for the industry. We believe in the power of community and aim to provide a platform for game developers to connect, collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise.

EDUCATION FOR THE WHOLE WORLD! We want to make education for video game development accessible to everyone, regardless of background or financial situation. We work to offer accessible and flexible training programs that allow anyone passionate about game development to follow their dreams and reach their potential.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Curs jocuri video
Cursuri GameDev Academy - Curs jocuri video

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to the training of the next generations of video game developers, providing them with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to succeed in this competitive industry.


We believe in the power of the community and are committed to building a strong community of developers who share our values and passion for this field. Our graduates will gain the skills they need and a network of fellow developers and industry connections they can rely on throughout their careers.


In the long term, our vision is to become a leader in training programmes, offering quality education that allows our students to fulfill their dreams.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Game Design

Dragos Inoan

Trainer Game Design

With over 17 years spent in the game dev industry, 15 of which dedicated to game design, Dragos it's a wealth of knowledge. In his work, he was involved in projects of all sizes, in some of the most important studios in the country, but also as an independent developer.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Unity Engine

Zoltan Nagy

Trainer Unity Engine

A good craftsman is the one who, regardless of the tools he has, uses them skillfully. This is also Zoly, who ,in his career of over 15 years as game developer, has worked on a multitude of game projects, from small "casual" games to "AAA" games like "Assassin's Creed". 

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Unreal Engine

Alexandru Oprea

Trainer Unreal Engine si C++

Alex has participated in the first edition of the Game LAB incubator. From 2017 until now, he has added many things to his achievements list, including a Unity certification (where he got the highest score) and a job at Ubisoft, as a Gameplay Programmer for "Watch Dogs".

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer modelare 3D

Ionut Mitroi

Trainer Modelare 3D

Open to new things, passionate about strategy and moba games, Ionut started his career in 2013 as a 2D/3D Artist at Ubisoft. Over time, he has created numerous 3D assets for the environment and 2D assets for menus both for mobiles, as well as for PCs and consoles.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Game Design

Ciprian Bacioiu

Trainer Game Design

Cip, the gentlest giant, has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the industry and dozens of released titles. He developed his own game studio where he specialized in coffee-break games as well as porting and adapting games to the Linux platform.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer modelare 3D

Alexandru Petrescu

Trainer Modelare 3D

Alex started his career at Ubisoft, in 2014, in the role of 3D Artist. He developed his skills and versatility very quickly, contributing to the development of some of the most important projects within Ubisoft, both for mobile, PC and console platforms.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Unreal Engine

Catalin Marcu

Trainer Unreal Engine

Catalin started in the industry over 15 years ago. Over10 years he worked for the Mobility Games studio, where he was involved in the creation and publishing of numerous games on the AppStore and Google Play. Now, he has his own indie studio and many released games.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer programare C++

Cristian Cornea

Trainer Programare C++

Cristian is a programmer passionate about making, playing and talking about game. He has accumulated 18 years of experience in the industry, 10 of which at Ubisoft. Has worked on different types of games, from "AAA" like "Assassin's Creed" to mobile and indie games.

Some of the GameDev Academy trainers

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