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Cursuri jocuri video - GameDev Academy

Only 12 places available

November - July

On-site in Bucharest

4000 Euro

Min 17 years + Interview

Curs Unity Engine

Discover the most ambitious educational career program that supports you to become a video game developer. 12 seats! 8 months! 3 portfolio projects!

Curs unity; Curs programare; Jocuri video; Angajare game development

Descopera procesul de dezvoltare al unui joc video fara cunostinte avansate de programare. Vei invata cum sa dezvolti un joc de la concept la prototip folosind Unity Engine.

Game Development


Vei folosi Unity pentru a aduce la viata conceptul unui joc video. Inveti sa setezi scene, sa creezi elemente, interactiuni, sa adaugi caractere, inamici si obiecte, sa plasezi camere si sunete.

Unity Engine


Pe parcursul accestui program vei dezvolta mici proiecte pe care le poti adauga in portofoliu tau. In cadrul sesiunilor de consiliere in cariera vei invata cum sa continui sa-ti dezvolti CV-ul si portofoliu.

Portofoliu si CV


What will you learn?

You will learn to develop computer games, alone and in teams, using production management tools and techniques to deliver a product on time. At the end of this program you will have your own portfolio projects that represent vertical prototypes and you will learn how to present yourself to potential employers through your CV and professional portfolio.

Curs unity; Curs programare; Jocuri video; Angajare game development

Programa Unity Engine

  • Basic framework and terminology

  • Elementele de baza ale Unity Engine

  • Scripting in Unity Engine

  • Pozitionarea de lumini si camere

  • Notiuni de fizica si animatii

  • Crearea de inamici si inteligenta artificiala

  • Sistemul de UI din Unity

  • Cum adaugam sunete si muzica

  • Utilizarea sistemului de particule

  • Elemente de gameplay

  • Cum se creeaza un "build"

Schedule an interview

We know how stressful the interview process for admission to a program can be, but we want you to have the most pleasant and comfortable discussion with us. This interview is important because it helps us evaluate whether the program suits you or not. We are aware of the time effort and the financial investment it entails and we want you to benefit fully from its experience. It is also useful for us, using the information in the internal process of building the class and adding a variety of students who can continue our mission, goals and enrich the community we are building. As we said initially, we invite you to a pleasant and comfortable dialogue to get to know each other.

Thank you for applying!

Frequent questions

  • This program is aimed at people over 17 years old, who want to build a career in game dev, to increase their chances of employment or those in the first years of their career who want to accelerate their development and career promotion. The Masterclass program does not replace, but supplements your school or university activity.

  • The registration process consists of filling out the form on the page dedicated to the Masterclass programme. Due to the limited number of places, the letter of intent is very important. We expect you to mention in detail why you want to participate in this program.

  • If you meet the mentioned criteria (17+ years and detailed letter of intent) you will be contacted by phone or email to set up an interview with one of the trainers/mentors involved in the program. After this interview, you will receive an email in which we will confirm or deny your participation in the Masterclass program.

  • In the confirmation email of participation in the Masterclass program, you will receive the link to the payment page.  Payment can be made by bank transfer based on the fiscal invoice issued by GameDev Academy. You can also opt for payment in installments.

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  • The program takes place during an academic calendar year. This involves physical presence on the days when the course sessions take place, but also online interactions with colleagues and teachers, whenever necessary, on our Discord channel. The curriculum is composed of theoretical and practical modules that will be taught during 2 semesters, as well as 2 exam sessions. The modules are built to provide the necessary knowledge to develop a video game, and the final exam will be represented by the year's project consisting of making a video game demo. Additionally, there will be different projects and optional activities, such as visits to studios in Bucharest, discussion sessions with guests from abroad, game jams, etc.

  • Of course! We have a positive track record regarding students who got hired shortly after completing the courses they attended. However, we cannot offer guarantees! We are in discussions with the main studios in Romania to offer internship programs or employment support. We also make an effort to help you through consulting in creating your CV and portfolio.

    We can't repeat it enough times! It is very important to develop a portfolio, to practice in your free time, to be proactive in class, to ask questions every time you feel that something is not clear to you. And we insist on "practicing in your spare time".

  • Yes, you will receive a participation diploma issued by us that attests your involvement throughout the duration of the program. In addition to the diploma, you will also receive the result obtained in the final exam, as well as the qualification from us. Keep in mind that you will not receive the participation diploma or the qualification from us if you accumulate more than 5 absences in any semester.

    We mention that diplomas certified by the Romanian state cannot be issued, because the vast majority of jobs specific to the game development industry are not officially recognized in Romania.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Masterclass

Check out our other classes

Cursuri jocuri video - Trainer Game Design

Dragos Inoan

Trainer Game Design

Cu peste 17 ani petrecuti in industria de game development, dintre care 15 dedicati zonei de game design, Dragos nu ne dezamageste cu portofoliul pe care si l-a creat pana acum. In activitatea sa, s-a implicat in proiecte de toate marimile, in cateva dintre cele mai importante studiouri din tara, dar si ca dev independent.

Cursuri jocuri video - Trainer Unity Engine

Zoltan Nagy

Trainer Unity Engine

Se spune ca un mester bun este acela care, indiferent de instrumentele pe care le are, le intrebuinteaza cu indemanare. Asta este si Zoly, care in cariera sa de peste 15 ani ca dezvoltator de jocuri video a lucrat la o multitudine de proiecte, de la mici jocuri „casual” pana la jocuri the tip „AAA”.

Cursuri jocuri video -Trainer Unreal Engine

Alexandru Oprea

Trainer Unreal Engine si C++

Cu Alex , cel mai tanar membru al echipei, ne stim din perioada in care a participat la prima editia a incubatorului Game LAB. Din 2017 si pana acum, Alex a adaugat pe lista de realizari o certificare Unity (Unity Certified Developer la care a luat punctaj maxim) si o slujba in cadrul Ubisoft, ca Gameplay Programmer.

Cursuri jocuri video - Trainer modelare 3D

Ionut Mitroi

Trainer Modelare 3D

Deschis la nou, pasionat de strategy si moba games, Ionut si-a inceput cariera in 2013 ca 2D/3D Artist la Ubisoft . De-a lungul timpului, a creat numeroase asseturi 3D pentru environment si asseturi 2D pentru meniuri atat pentru mobile, cat si pentru PC si console.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Game Design

Ciprian Bacioiu

Trainer Game Design

Cip, cel mai bland gigant, a acumulat peste  15 ani de experienta in industrie si zeci de titluri lansate. Si-a dezvoltat propriul studio de jocuri  unde s-a specializat pe jocuri de tip coffee-break precum si pe portarea si adaptarea jocurilor pe platforma Linux.

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer modelare 3D

Alexandru Petrescu

Trainer Modelare 3D

Alex si-a inceput cariera la Ubisoft, in 2014, in rolul de  Artist 3D. Si-a dezvoltat skill-urile si versatilitatea foarte repede, contribuind la dezvoltarea unora dintre cele mai importante proiecte in cadrul Ubisoft, atat pentru platformele de mobile, cat si de PC si console. 

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer Unreal Engine

Catalin Marcu

Trainer Unreal Engine

Catalin si-a inceput activitatea in industrie de  peste 15 ani. Mai bine de 10 ani a lucrat in cadrul studioul Mobility Games, unde a  fost implicat in dezvoltarea si publicarea a numeroase jocuri pe AppStore si Google Play. In prezent are propriul studio indie si peste 5 jocuri lansate. 

Cursuri GameDev Academy - Trainer programare C++

Cristian Cornea

Trainer Programare C++

Cristian este un programator pasionat de jocuri, de a le juca, de a le face, de a vorbi despre ele. A acumulat deja 18 ani de experienta in dezvoltare jocurilor, din care 10 in cadrul Ubisoft. A lucrat la diferite tipuri de jocuri, de la "AAA", cum ar fi "Assassin’s Creed", la jocuri mobile si indie 

Some of the GameDev Academy trainers

What do the students say!

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