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Curs Modelare 3D

Fie ca vorbim despre filme cu super eroi, jocuri de PC, consola sau mobil, standardul de calitate grafica a crescut foarte mult in ultimii ani datorita avansului tehnologic rapid. Daca vrei sa stapanesti modelarea 3D, ai ajuns in locul potrivit. Este cursul ideal pentru tine daca te impaci cu cateva notiuni tehnice, dar mai ales daca esti pasionat de zona vizuala si artistica.


Ce vei invata:

  • Getting started with 3ds max

• Interface overview

• 3ds max project folder

• Selecting and viewing objects

• Creating and transform objects

• Parenting and grouping


  • Basic modeling

• Setting up reference images

• Polygonal modeling

• Shapes modeling

• 2D vs 3D modeling

• Blocking-out volumes


  • Detailing and smoothing workflows

• Detailing the volumes

• Optimizing polygonal flow

• Using subdivision methods 

• Floating geometry

• General workflow for HD meshes


  • Materials and geometry unwarping

• Material editor

• Physical materials

• UV mapping and projections

• Troubleshooting texture stretches


  • Textures generation

• Industry standard tools 

• Baking textures

• Photoshop intro and overview

• Substance painter intro and overview

• Quixel mixer intro and overview

• Generating textures 

• Mindset and workflows


  • Geometry optimization

• High poly to low poly

• Geometry optimization tools


  • Rigging and animation

• Control objects and linking

• Timeline and curve editor

• Bones systems

• Blocking in the animation


  • Dynamic simulation

• Particles flow

• Forces

• Creating a particles system


  • Camera, lighting and rendering

• Camera setup

• Lighting systems 

• Scene settings

• Rendering engines


Examen de verificare a cunostintelor acumulate

Consiliere in cariera, CV, portofoliu si prezenta in cadrul unui interviu de angajare

Curs Modelare 3D

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Opțiuni de preț
Game Design
Plata in rate
1.750,00leilunar/ 4 luni
  • Grupa1*: 15 Martie 2021 - 20 Iulie 2021

    Grupa2 : 01 Septembrie 2021  - 20 Decembrie 2021

    *Momentan cursurile se desfasoara doar in format Live-Online!

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